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Morrison University Considers Athletic Programs


The Morrison University board members considered two proposals to create an athletic program, a first for the 117-year-old university The board addressed two items on the agenda, which inquired about the viability of traditional sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. The board decided to revisit the idea of adding a program in the future, however, it did encourage the integration of athletics into the university. The board decided to create a committee to look into what it would take to add any athletics to the University, but added, that it would take some time. “Of course, the big thing [...]

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Morrison Launches Doctorate in Business Administration Degree


The NCAECT and University Board approved programs for a Doctorate in Business Administration to be offered at Morrison University this Fall. Morrison’s Doctorate in Business Administration, a program for future consultants, CEOs and professors, will be one of a small number of accredited programs offered in the State of Nevada. “We are very excited about the prospect of providing a Doctorate in Business Administration because there are few accredited private universities in our state that have doctoral programs catering to business executives who want to expand their knowledge base and improve their research and problem-solving capabilities,” said Dean Allen Smith. Degree [...]

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100+ Year old university continues operations under new ownership


-Press Release -  Morrison University, a university with ties going back to the year 1902, continues operations despite past financial and administrative difficulties. Although Morrison University was reported to close in 2015, new owners looked to re-establish the university and continue operations. “We understand the need for quality education to fit the various needs of both traditional students and working adult students,” said Robert Hinkley, a co-founder of the new group heading the buyout. Hinkley further stated, “When you have a university with a long history, it is a shame that it be reduced to a historical footnote. Universities need to [...]

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