The Morrison University board members considered two proposals to create an athletic program, a first for the 117-year-old university
The board addressed two items on the agenda, which inquired about the viability of traditional sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis.

The board decided to revisit the idea of adding a program in the future, however, it did encourage the integration of athletics into the university.

The board decided to create a committee to look into what it would take to add any athletics to the University, but added, that it would take some time. “Of course, the big thing is the cost of the issue. We need to get our research done, but that’s all the action that was taken for now,” said President Robert Goldstein

Currently, Morrison University campuses are geared towards a positive, hands-on, learning environment. Campuses lack any recreational space and facilities would need to be rented in the short-term with land sought for long-term development.

The immediate issue as far as school expansion is concerned is the placement of a gymnasium and a playing field.

“Everything is open for discussion and we’re taking all considerations. Traditional universities are known for inter-collegiate sports, and this would be a drastic, but positive change for Morrison’s long history.”