Despite the pandemic affecting millions of lives around the world, Morrison University continues to work on creating new and compelling programs to serve the changing job market. In the State of Nevada, only one program exists which focuses on Hospitality and Gaming, taught at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Although, University of Nevada, Reno has a program in either Hospitality or Gaming, there is a lack of a combined program to serve students in Northern Nevada.

“We feel that there is a need to serve a population of students who have a desire to enroll in a program with a bright future, once the threat of the pandemic has been quelled,” said Dean Smith.

The travel and hospitality industries have taken a major blow since the end of February. Many hotels and casinos remain closed, with no date set for future reopening. If school administrators approve of the program, it would only be available to on-campus students. In addition, curriculum would need to be vetted by the State of Nevada and the NCAECT. A target of January 2022 has been considered for first submission to the state and independent agencies.