Approvals & Accreditations

An exempt institution sponsored by a professional organization

For professionals by professionals, that’s Morrison University. We connect you with global industry leaders to broaden your horizons for a better workplace and career experience.

Morrison University meets the qualifications for exemption from regulation in several states, such as California, Colorado and Mississippi.

Under the California Education Code (CEC) section 94874 (b)(1). Morrison is sponsored by the following professional business organizations: the Global Association of Managers and Executives (GAME), the International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP), and the Latino Business Alliance of the Inland Empire (LBAIE).

MS Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration Approval to Operate

Under the Mississippi Education Code, MS Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration has determined no registration is needed by Morrison University as outlined to Mississippi residents under the provisions of Mississippi code 85-60-5 in the state of Mississippi.

Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools Approval to Operate

Under the Colorado Education Code, in the provisions of Title 23, Article 64 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Morrison University is exempt from state regulation under §§ 23-64-104.

Morrison University believes in ensuring quality programs are available to all student-members. Therefore, Morrison University has the following accreditations and is in process of pursuing additional accreditations.

NCAECT Accreditation

Morrison University is accredited by the National Cooperative for Accredited Education, Colleges, and Training  (NCAECT), 1300 I Street NW Washington, DC 20005. NCAECT is founded in 1912, and is a nationally recognized accrediting agency that works to advancing educational excellence at independent, non-public career schools, colleges, and organizations in the United States and abroad.

Morrison University is an exclusive university for members of our sponsoring organizations. Any person interested in enrolling in Morrison’s programs must first become a member of the GAME, IABP, or LBAIE. All members of GAME, IABP, or LBAIE are free to become students of Morrison and enroll in any of the university’s programs. Organizational members enjoy many benefits including networking, education, and seminar opportunities.