Project Description

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Morrison University MU offers a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). This program is offered as a track under the Ph.D. degree and is designed for working senior-level professionals who desire to achieve a doctoral degree in business while continuing their work responsibilities and careers. The DBA will equip you with practical oriented research to fulfill leadership or other strategic responsibilities. You will obtain the advanced knowledge to address, change and quickly solve complex business issues.

In addition to sharpening your critical and analytical skills, the DBA will equip you with the tools to advance your career in leadership and management at the executive levels of business. The DBA represents the highest level of academic achievement in business administration.

The MU DBA program is a rigorous educational opportunity provided by leading academic researchers within the field of business administration. Our program is offered at our business school, an epicentre of international business. Students in the DBA program will learn to apply advanced business theory, analytics, and finely-honed research and quantitative skills.


Core Courses

QMB 7910 – Quantitative Research Methods in Business

GEB 7918 – Philosophy and Process of Applied Business Research

GEB 7910 – Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Business

GEB 7912 – Experiments and Survey Designs

MAN 7207 – Theories of Organization

GEB 7892 – Theory Development

GEB 7366 – Financial Issues in the Global Environment

MAN 7916 – Doctoral Research Project in Business

MAN 7910- Advanced Management Research

GEB 7911 – Qualitative Research Methods in Business

GEB 7365 – International Business Theory and Practice

GEB 7915 – Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Business

MAN 7206 – Organizational Analysis

GEB 7876 – Marketing and Behavioral Theory

MAN 7718 – Analysis of Corporate Policy Methods

MAN 7981 – Dissertation Preparation

MAN 7275 – Organizational Behavior Management

MAN 7980 DBA Dissertation

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