Project Description

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)

Challenge yourself at a doctoral program that fully prepares you for academic success

  • Degree completion in two years
  • Research projects under faculty supervision

The MU PhD in Business Administration connects you with a world-class faculty that develops your research and teaching skills in preparation for a successful academic career. Our PhD program emphasizes a strong foundation in both methodological and theoretical training. Students engage in collaborative work with faculty by developing skills in formulating, conducting, and communicating quality research.

Curriculum Summary:

Required Graduate Business Foundation

ACC 5310 Financial Statement Analysis

BA 5310 Business Research Methods

BA 5390 Strategic Management

ECO 5310 Managerial Economics

FIN 5310 Financial Management

MGT 5310 Seminar in Management Concepts

MKT 5310 Seminar in Marketing Mgt

Quantitative and Research Methods

Required Courses:

For students in Management, Management Information Systems and Data Analytics, and Marketing

BA 6310 Advanced Business Rsrch Meths

BA 6320 Research Iss in Intnl Bus Adm

DS 6320 Multivariate Statistics

For students in Accounting and Finance

BA 6320 Research Iss in Intnl Bus Adm

DS 6320 Multivariate Statistics

FIN 6335 Intro to Fin Econometrics

Select two courses based on concentration from the following:


BA 6310 Advanced Business Rsrch Meths

FIN 6340 Adv Financial Econometrics


FIN 6340

Adv Financial Econometrics FIN 6350

Times Series Econometrics

Management and Marketing

BA 6330 Advanced Regression Models

BA 6340 Covariance Based Strc Eq Model

Management Information Systems and Data Analytics

BA 6335 Advanced Qualitative Modeling

BA 6345 Variance-Based Strc Eq Model

Dissertation Research

BA 6399 Dissertation Research

International Business Administration

ACC 6310 Seminar in Intl Accounting

ECO 6310 Seminar in Intl Economics

FIN 6310 Seminar in Intl Finance

MGT 6310 Seminar in International Mgt

MIS 6310 Seminar in Global Systems Mgt

MKT 6310 Seminar in International Mkt


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