Doctor of Education (EdD)

Are you ready to reach your full potential as an educational leader and innovator? Morrison’s Doctor of Education (EdD) program is the way forward. We’ve spent the last 50 years breaking down doctoral completion barriers for busy education professionals who want to rise to the top of their field.

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or consultant, our actionable online learning experience focuses on the practical knowledge you need to deepen your impact. Build your expertise and confidence and become a catalyst for positive change in your institution and your community.

An online Doctor of Education degree prepares educators to solve pressing educational problems and improve learning outcomes in their organization and beyond.


Our Doctor of Education program focuses on the most critical, contemporary challenges in the field.


Create the change you want to see by aligning your research capstone topic with your professional passion.


From research coaches to peer mentors, our Doctoral Support Services help keep you moving forward at every step of your program.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for this doctoral program, you must have a master’s degree from an accredited college or university and meet the general admissions requirements. All applicants must submit a completed online application and transcripts. Depending on program specialization, additional requirements may apply.

A Doctoral Program for Education Visionaries

Whether you want to address challenges facing public schools or advance your expertise in curriculum and instruction, our Doctor of Education program lets you focus your studies on your passion with various specialization offerings. Gain the insights to think bigger, create novel solutions, and impact your school district or organization for years to come. Become a sought-after education expert and change-maker with the power to shape better student outcomes—and brighter futures.


EDCS 625  – Solving Practical Problems in School Curriculum  (3 Credits)

EDCS 690  – Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)

EDCS 710  – Diversity Training for Staff Development  (3 Credits)

EDCS 720  – Introduction to Diversity and the Curriculum  (3 Credits)

EDCS 721  – Social Class Diversity and the Curriculum  (3 Credits)

EDCS 722  – Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the Curriculum  (3 Credits)

EDCS 723  – Understanding Sexual Diversity in Schools and Other Social Institutions  (3 Credits)

EDCS 724  – Gender Diversity in Schools and Communities  (3 Credits)

EDCS 725 – Principles of Curriculum Construction (3 Credits)

EDCS 726 – Curriculum Leadership (3 Credits)

EDCS 727 – Curriculum Issues in Practice (3 Credits)

EDCS 728 – Curriculum in Higher Education (3 Credits)

EDCS 729 – Organizational Change in Education (3 Credits)

EDCS 799 – Thesis Preparation (1-9 Credits)

EDCS 812 – Principles of Action Research (3 Credits)

EDCS 813 – Advanced Principles of Action Research (3 Credits)

EDCS 820 – Advanced Study of Diversity and Curriculum (3 Credits)

EDCS 821 – Curriculum Theory (3 Credits)

EDCS 822 – Curriculum Classics: Trends and Issues (3 Credits)

EDCS 823 – Curriculum Inquiry (3 Credits)

EDCS 824 – Curriculum Seminar (3 Credits)

EDCS 890 – Independent Study (3 Credits)

EDCS 899 – Dissertation Preparation (1-12 Credits)


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