Master of Education (MEd)

The Master of Education (MEd) program at Morrison University is a well-designed blend of theory, practicum, and research. It prepares reflective practitioners who can transform teaching, learning, assessment and leadership and management practices in educational institutions.


The Master of Education (MEd) program is open to outstanding teachers and educational leaders at all levels of the education system. The program provides clear theoretical frameworks and principles that support quality professional practice, equipping graduates to be exemplary teachers and educational leaders in a variety of contexts.

Re-energize Your Teaching Career with Morrison’s Master of Education Degree Program

As an educator, you’re an integral part of your students’ lives and everyday development. Morrison’s practical, competitively priced online Master of Education (MEd) program is designed to help working teachers like you deepen your impact.

Advance your credentials and knowledge while gaining practical skills you can use right away to empower your students, whether your classroom is face-to-face, blended, or online. Learn evidence-based approaches to today’s most pressing educational challenges, from collaborating with families and creating inclusive learning environments to harnessing the latest technologies.

An MEd degree program offers educators the opportunity to become more effective in their practice while opening up new avenues for career advancement.


Implement the latest tools and techniques in your classroom to become the high-performing, influential educator you want to be.


Positively impact your students beyond the classroom by helping to develop their confidence, inquisitiveness, and self-discipline.


Explore practical ways to make your own well-being a priority—and model these healthy habits for your students.


Choose from multiple focused specializations and degree completion options to match your program with your goals and schedule.

Find the Option That Fits Your Life, Career, and Learning Style

MEd Traditional: If you’re more comfortable with structured learning, a predictable course load, and a fixed schedule, consider our 20-month traditional MEd track. The manageable workload is perfect for busy professionals who have a limited amount of weekly time to devote to their studies.

MEd Accelerated: If you’re a highly motivated educator who wants to fast-track your learning, the MEd accelerated track is for you. You can gain all the skills and valuable insights found in the traditional MEd track and earn your degree in just 12 months.

MEd One-Credit: If you’re looking for an innovative, intensive learning experience that offers a set semester-based tuition schedule, the MEd One-Credit format is a great fit for you. Morrison’s MEd One-Credit Education format is driven by a classroom teacher-focused curriculum offered in three completion options: 12 months, 16 months, or 20 months.

Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of our Master of Education program, you will be prepared to:

  • Apply pedagogical and discipline-specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions to support the learning and development of P–12 students.
  • Design learning experiences that incorporate students’ strengths by building on prior background and addressing the learning needs of a diverse student population.
  • Use data-informed practices to design, implement, and assess differentiated instruction within and across disciplines to promote student learning, critical thinking, and real-world application of knowledge and skills in technology-rich environments.
  • Apply data-informed assessments to monitor student achievement, guide instructional planning, and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Collaborate with families, communities, and other professionals to promote positive social change.


Core Courses for all M.Ed. Students

The core consists of nine courses focusing on the foundational skills of knowledge and comprehension, with a focus on learning theory.

EDUC 5010 Education in Context: History, Philosophy and Sociology

EDUC 5210 Learning Theory and Implications for Instruction

EDUC 5220 Curriculum Design and Instructional Decision Making

EDUC 5240 Creating Positive Classroom Environments

EDUC 5710 Understanding Barriers to Learning

EDUC 5440 Assessment and Evaluation

EDUC 5711 Teaching for Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms

EDUC 5810 Living and Learning Globally

EDUC 5470 Research in Education

Capstone Project for all M.Ed. Students

The Capstone Project is completed through two courses EDUC Research in Education and EDUC 5910 Applied Professional Inquiry. EDUC 5470 is taken as the second to last course in the program and EDUC 5910 is taken as the final course. These courses offer students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and research skills attained in the program. No other courses can be taken concurrently with the EDUC 5910.

Download syllabus here